Operations management

Superior Operations Management, a Competitive Advantage

Operations management deals with the challenge of using people, processes and technology to execute a business strategy. Weather the market strategy is a low cost or a diversification one, operations management is the set of practices and tools that ensure the actual delivery on the promise made to a customer. Continue reading “Superior Operations Management, a Competitive Advantage”

What's Wrong With Some Startups

What’s Wrong With Some Startups

Some startups have a solid plan behind, some just an ambitious idea. Which ones do you think are most successful? No, it’s not the ones having a careful planning behind. Those that start from an ambitious idea are most successful, and there is a reason for that. Solving a problem it’s not so much a plan and execute process, but more of a trial and error method. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With Some Startups”

Vertical integration

Vertical integration

In theory vertical integration is all about capturing the margin. It can be forward integration when a manufactures distributes and sells its own products, like Apple does through its own stores, and it can be backward integration as Apple also did by manufacturing their own components and operating systems. Which is a particular case of both forward and backward integration, usually integration is one way or another. Continue reading “Vertical integration”