Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategies

If you are an startup entrepreneur, you might think this article is not for you. This is one mistake Steve Jobs didn’t do when he had Pixar. It helped understanding how corporate strategies work, even if when it started Pixar was not at all an impressive company. Steve Jobs understood a thing or two about horizontal and vertical integration and this is why later on Disney, the giant, bought Pixar, the successful. Continue reading “Corporate strategies”

Anticipating a Rival's Response

Anticipating a Rival’s Response

That’s a great Sunday question! How to anticipate a rival’s response on a given market and in a given social, political and economic context? Is there any recipe to this? Or, this is just the art of a successful businessman? Something magical that differentiates between success and failure. Continue reading “Anticipating a Rival’s Response”

Incremental or disruptive? This is the question!

Incremental or disruptive? This is the question!

The interesting thing when times are changing, is that established companies don’t just wait and try to fight back as much as they can.Blockbuster did so, Polaroid also. And, these are just two example of companies that used to lead an industry and that could not adapt to a changing environment. They tried to be more customer-centric and they tried to invest more in the new technology. Continue reading “Incremental or disruptive? This is the question!”

The First Mover Handicap

The First Mover Handicap

There is a general belief that being the first mover is the thing to do. Actually many entrepreneurs focus on having that great new idea that will tap into an unexplored and uninvented market, which is supposed to mean guaranteed success. This is the conventional business and this is what we learn from most success stories, and for an untrained eye it certainly looks that first movers rule the world of business. Continue reading “The First Mover Handicap”

The Value of Trade-Offs

The Value of Trade-Offs

There is one company called Trader Joe’s that is famous not only for it financial success, but also for making quite successful trade-offs. They actually started with the ambition of not doing what other in their business do and they achieved more than one would expect: they have fans not customers. Which is a great deal and explains their success. But, how did they do this? Continue reading “The Value of Trade-Offs”