Imperatives and Goals

Imperatives and Goals
Imperatives and Goals

It can take many years to achieve long-term goals. If a company has only long-term goals, there’s a danger it may lose focus.

Avoiding unproductive work

This is why it’s important for managers to derive imperatives from long-term goals. An imperative is a type of short-term goal that usually takes between 12 and 18 months to achieve.

Imperatives are an effective method for maintaining focus and keeping employees enthusiastic about a company’s overall mission-related long-term goal.

Imperatives enable a company to achieve its long-term goals. A team uses imperatives to complete tasks that move a company closer to its vision, values, and purpose as described in its mission statement.

It’s important for companies to set imperatives so they can avoid unproductive busy work. The burden of having to complete countless minor tasks may occur if a company has set too many short-term goals. If the company’s workforce is distracted by endless short-term goals, its operational effectiveness can be reduced.


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