Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety
Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

The benefits of overcoming anxiety

Public speaking anxiety is often linked to related fears, such as fear of the actual physical sensations that come with public speaking. You may feel your heart begin to pound, your hands tremble, your brow break out into a sweat, or your face redden.

Your anxiety may then intensify if you’re worried about how uncomfortable you feel, or that others may notice. Your anxiety about public speaking may also increase due to a fear of embarrassment. You may feel that your audience will judge you if they notice your anxiety. Or you may be afraid that your reputation will be damaged, or that you’ll be seen as boring or unintelligent.

Despite all the fears associated with public speaking anxiety, one thing is clear. If you can find a way to understand where these feelings are coming from and how they manifest themselves, you’ll be well on your way to overcoming your public speaking anxiety.

What’s behind public speaking anxiety

As well as knowing what’s behind public speaking anxiety, you should be aware of some of the typical behaviors associated with it: … (6 min read)

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