Kicking Off Meetings the Right Way

Kicking Off Meetings the Right Way
Kicking Off Meetings the Right Way

Having a great agenda for your meeting doesn’t guarantee that your meeting will be a success.

It’s how you implement that agenda — one item at a time — to achieve your meeting’s purpose and objectives. The way you work through an agenda depends on the type of meeting.

Regular meetings

Regular meetings are typically used to share information and review day-to-day issues on a recurring basis.

Staff meetings, management meetings, and political councils all fall into this category. The people attending these meetings are usually the members of a defined group. And the most senior member usually leads the meeting.

Task force meetings

A task force meeting, on the other hand, has a clearly defined purpose — to solve complex problems and devise strategies. Usually field experts in specific fields attend these. And the meeting is run by a facilitator.


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