Diagnosing a Customer’s Problem

Diagnosing a Customer’s Problem
Diagnosing a Customer’s Problem

After you’ve identified an opportunity for solution selling when there is an active need and chosen what competitive strategy you’ll use to approach it, you need to take some time alone to diagnose the customer’s problem.

Diagnostic steps

You should perform four diagnostic steps before you meet with a customer to present a solution:

  1. Ensure you’ve accurately defined the problem for which the customer needs a solution.
  2. Anticipate its cause. Some problems may be associated with more than one possible cause.
  3. Determine how the problem impacts or affects the customer. You need to establish exactly who’s affected and how, and to what extent.
  4. Map the problem you’ve diagnosed to an appropriate solution, determining what you can provide and what the customer needs to solve the problem fully.

Since a competitor may already have presented a different solution to the customer, you also need to take your chosen competitive sales strategy into account.

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