Public Speaking Strategies: Topic Selection

Public Speaking Strategies: Topic Selection
Public Speaking Strategies: Topic Selection

The benefits of developing your public speaking skills include building your confidence and making you feel good, increasing your visibility, and making you more persuasive.

Planning, preparation, and practice

Some people seem to have a natural flair for public speaking. In reality, the content and delivery of most great speeches aren’t spontaneous. An effective speech takes significant planning, preparation, and practice.

When choosing a topic for your speech, you should be clear as to why you’re making the speech in the first place. Without this clarity, you may deliver a rambling, aimless speech that nobody wants to listen to.

A speech needs to be laid out and delivered in a way that makes the audience want to keep listening. That is, an effective speech should be meaningful to audience members. This means you must consider them in the speech- making process.

Selecting a topic

Selecting a topic involves four considerations. First, you need to think about the aim of the speech. Second, you should analyze your audience. Third, you decide the theme of the speech. And, finally, you need to encapsulate the speech’s topic in a single sentence.


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