Readying People for Meetings

Readying People for Meetings
Readying People for Meetings

ffective meetings don’t just happen by chance. Rather, they are the result of careful preparation. Don’t assume things will just run smoothly — assumptions are a time-proven recipe for frustration!

Focus on preparing

Once you’ve planned the meeting and sent out invites, it’s time to focus on preparing for the meeting itself. Start by checking on the practical things. Is the venue good to go? Make sure it’s still available! Also, make sure there isn’t anything in or near the venue that could be a distraction, like construction noise in the area. Double-check that there’s enough seating — and parking!

Then, prepare the equipment — this helps prevent disruptions during the meeting. What’s worse than realizing that the bulb in the projector is burned out as you’re loading up your presentation? Or that you don’t know the Wi-Fi password. Avoid embarrassment and interruptions by thoroughly checking your equipment and then doing a test run. Every rock star does a sound check — so should you.

When you’re sure that all the mics are working, gather together all the materials you want to present during the meeting. Any relevant documents, reports, or handouts — and your multimedia presentations. Of course, don’t forget the human factor!


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