Where Agendas Meet Results

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After outlining the purpose and objectives of your meeting and deciding who you want there, you need to create an agenda. A meeting is only as good as its agenda. So what are the ingredients of an effective agenda?

A well-planned agenda includes only items relevant to the meeting objectives, with a realistic amount of time for each one listed in a logical sequence. Typically, an agenda includes the topics, speakers, and schedule.

How do you create the perfect agenda for your meeting?

Decide length of the meeting

First up — decide on the length of the meeting. Think about the main points you want to cover. For example, you’re planning a meeting to discuss your company’s revamped online ordering and billing processes — what’s changed, why, and the intended effects of the changes.

You expect to spend an hour on the first item, and fifteen minutes on each of the next two, including discussion. And so you set aside one and a half hours for the meeting. As you can see, listing the agenda items goes hand in hand with establishing the meeting length.

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