Preparing for the Meeting Follow-up

Preparing for the Meeting Follow-up
Preparing for the Meeting Follow-up

There are several steps you can take to ensure your business meetings are a success. You need to circulate all the pertinent information to the meeting participants ahead of time, and prepare the room before the meeting. In addition, to perfect your meeting process, you need to plan for follow-up.

This can be at least partially prepared prior to your meeting. To ensure your follow-up activities are effective, you can take the following actions prior to the meeting:

  • prepare an evaluation form,
  • make a list of names and addresses of attendees,
  • brief the meeting’s secretary, and
  • create an attendance sheet.

Prepare an evaluation form

Effective meetings occur when leaders and participants work to find a better way to get the job done. By providing the participants with an evaluation form, you will receive valuable information.

By preparing this form in advance, you will be able to get instant feedback from your attendees. As they fill out the forms, attendees will still have details about the meeting fresh in their minds, so they will be able to recall the events of your meeting and give an informative evaluation.


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