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Finding a Work-life Balance

Using a life chart

Have you ever taken time out to take a long, hard look at your life? By stopping to review all aspects of your life, you can take the first step to addressing imbalance, and move toward leading a more energizing life.

A life chart can help you to take this helicopter view of your life, and decide which areas you should focus on in order to balance all of your varied commitments. The life chart is comprised of five areas: Career, money, health, relationships, and self.

Using a life chart can help you stop trying to do everything and focus on what’s important. The first step to reviewing your work-life balance is to think carefully about each of the five areas of your life.

Consider these areas:

  • Career — Consider all aspects of your work life, present and future. Think about the really good aspects of your work and the not-so-good aspects. Write down your aspirations and your frustrations; it will help you to determine what’s important.


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