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Inviting the Right Participants to Meetings

Okay, you’ve clarified the purpose and objectives, and decided a meeting is necessary. Now who should you invite? Having the right people there can make all the difference to the success of your meeting.

Cross-functional or problem-solving

In some cases, it’s obvious who should be there — a finance staff meeting, for example, will typically involve all the employees in the Finance Department.

But what about other types of meetings? It’s not always so obvious who should attend. In cross- functional or problem-solving meetings, you’ll usually invite people who represent a department or who have specialized knowledge of a certain area. Choose the right people by considering their skill sets. Does this person have first-hand knowledge of the issue?

Areas, organizations, or departments

At your meeting, you want people who are able and authorized to represent their areas, organizations, or departments. This includes project managers, who are directly involved in the issue your meeting is addressing. Also, all stakeholders who’ll be affected by the outcome of your meeting must be present.


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