Do We Really Need Another Meeting?

Do We Really Need Another Meeting?
Do We Really Need Another Meeting?

Meetings are just a part of normal business proceedings, right? Every company has them; they’ve always been there, like the furniture. But are meetings always the best way to communicate? Just how effective is a meeting going to be at addressing your specific issue?

What exactly you want to achieve?

First, think about what exactly you want to achieve with your meeting. Decide on the purpose and objectives.

Say you want to generate and develop new themes for a marketing campaign. With this purpose firmly in mind, one of your objectives could be to decide on the best idea by popular vote. Clear objectives mean your results can be measured, and a clear purpose sells the idea of the meeting.

Is a meeting is actually required?

Ok, you’ve decided on the purpose. Next, decide whether a meeting is actually required — or not? Be brutally honest here. Meetings can be expensive! Perhaps you have to arrange catering, or people have to travel to the venue. And people are busy, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time.


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