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Solution Selling

Solution selling benefits

Solution selling involves giving customers a reason to buy your products or services instead of a competitor’s. The goal of solution selling is to assist the customer in making decisions based not just on product features and cost, but also on a number of other factors that will deliver benefits, either real or perceived.

Solution selling can be effective for all types of products or services, regardless of price. It focuses on providing solutions, so its effectiveness can be determined based on how customers think they benefit from purchasing your product or service.

Solution selling has a number of benefits for a salesperson. Most immediately, it can:

  • fulfill a buyer’s real needs — Real needs are the measurable needs that a buyer wants to fulfill through a product or service, such as a certain number of a particular product.
  • fulfill a buyer’s perceived needs — Perceived needs are more subjective, and may relate to feelings or emotions, such as assurance of a good quality product.