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Communicating Priorities

Value of good communication

In order to manage your priorities successfully at work, you need to communicate effectively. However, when you’re busy or stressed, it’s easy to overlook the way you communicate. As a result, you may send messages that people don’t understand. Poor communication is costly, as it can result in wasted time or missed deadlines. Ultimately, it can prevent you from managing your priorities in an efficient way.

Effective communication is a valuable skill. Consider Martin’s situation. He works for a software company and manages a large team of programmers. By communicating effectively, he helps improve employee engagement in the organization.

For example, Martin ensures his employees understand the issues that affect the business. Because they understand why priorities have been set, they’re usually more motivated to meet them.

By keeping his employees engaged through effective communication, Martin helps them recognize the importance of their work — and the contribution they can make to the company’s future success. He also encourages them to behave in a more positive way. This helps him achieve organizational goals and meet priorities.

Martin also ensures his employees share a common understanding of their priorities. This helps to eliminate misunderstandings. As a result, his team members always know exactly what they should be doing. So they’re more focused and they tend to perform better.


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