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Selecting Talent

Identifying interview benefits

The entire recruitment and interviewing process requires a great deal of careful thought. That’s because it culminates in a selection decision. It’s critical to focus on how this decision is made, who makes it and when, and whether it will be accepted.

Consistency is important in interviewing and selecting talented candidates.

What would happen if you were to subject candidates to unequal treatment, or if interviewers were to have ulterior motives?

Others may challenge the validity of the final choice. Some candidates may feel victimized, and the decision will be impossible to justify.

The interview is accepted as an employment rite of passage — one that every candidate must go through in order to get a job. It’s important that candidates experience it as fair and impartial. This creates goodwill among all candidates and helps ensure your organization attracts future talent based on its reputation for being fair.

In addition to being fair, an interview experience should leave a lasting, positive impression of the organization, whether the candidate receives and accepts an offer or not.

Some organizations approach their candidates in the same way as they approach their customers. In other words, they make sure that candidates receive the same quality experience that the organization expects to deliver to its customers — for example, warm, welcoming, considerate, knowledgeable, and involved.


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