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Defining Criteria for Selecting the Best Solution

Criteria to Select the Best Solution

Before making decisions, you’ll need to determine criteria so that the decision is realistic and actionable. Criteria sets boundaries for decisions, so that you don’t, for example, choose an alternative that requires a tractor trailer when all you have is a pick-up truck.

Setting criteria also ensures that there is alignment with the company’s goals and the company’s brand. Once the team has evaluated possible solutions and weeded out those that just aren’t feasible, you’re ready to make a final decision.

Why is it important to define criteria when forming a decision?

There are several factors to consider before making your final decision. You may have considered most of them already during the decision-making process, but taking another look serves as a final check that your decision is sound.

First, you need alignment — with individual, department, and company goals. For more visible projects, you’ll have to consider things like alignment with the brand, goodwill, and potential impact on the community or environment.