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Choosing a Location for Your Meeting

The location in which a business meeting takes place plays a vital role in its success. The location can affect not only the comfort of participants, but also their mind-set, since participants must feel that the meeting place is appropriate to the occasion.

Recognize your needs

If you’re considering an off-site location for your meeting, be sure that the location is convenient and well-equipped. Consider distances to be traveled, public transportation, wheelchair accessibility, availability of parking, safety, attractiveness, and comfort of the facility.

Also, whether the location is on-site or off-site, you’ll have to consider the availability of audiovisual aids, including extension cords and outlets, as well as such necessities as coat racks, restrooms, writing materials, and refreshments.

Whether a meeting is small, large, formal, or informal, it’s important that you recognize your needs when selecting an appropriate site. There are several different locations where you can have your business meeting. The pros and cons of each are discussed here.

Your office

The first location to consider is your office. This is a good spot to choose when you’re planning an informal meeting with two or three people. Your materials are all close at hand, you save time by not having to prepare a meeting room, your authority is enhanced, and your company saves money by not having to pay room rental fees.

There also are pitfalls involved — the telephone may ring, people may interrupt, and participants may feel physically uncomfortable if the workspace is small.