Avoiding Problem-solving Traps

Avoiding Problem-solving Traps
Avoiding Problem-solving Traps

When you’re working through an organizational problem, there’s a good chance you’ll hit a bump or two, and it’s pretty common that pitfalls show up that will prevent you, or could prevent you from making the right decision.

What are some common pitfalls as you address a business problem?

For starters, when you haven’t clearly defined expectations about roles and timing, it’s hard for everyone to participate in the process. You can avoid this problem-solving trap by setting clear expectations up front — how the process works, and how all the stakeholder input will be used.

Let’s look at how Greg, a compensation analyst, works through the challenge of re-evaluating the retirement plan for a mid-size corporation. If it’s not made clear to everyone what Greg’s role is there could be resentment, confusion and maybe even unwillingness to cooperate.

The company had always provided a pension. Greg wants to grandfather in those plans already in place, but remove the benefits for new hires. He might run into another common problem-solving trap, which is resistance to change. Greg should encourage the group to think about what’s possible for the future rather than what’s probable, based on the past. Open-mindedness and a tolerance for risk are key here.

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