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Communicating Effectively

As a telecommuter, communication might be the most important factor in your success. To maintain healthy relationships with managers, colleagues, and clients, it’s essential to apply both effective communication and effective listening techniques.

To communicate well, you have to be articulate, an expert, enthusiastic, and audience oriented.

  • Be articulate — Express your ideas clearly and coherently, focusing on the key issues.
  • Be an expert — Ensure you are well versed with the material you are discussing.
  • Be enthusiastic — Inject passion into your communication, showing the audience your enthusiasm for the subject.
  • Be audience oriented — Tailor your message to the audience, although without compromising the integrity of the message.

Tips for effective listening include giving the speaker your full attention, waiting your turn to speak, engaging in the conversation, keeping an open mind, thinking before speaking, and paraphrasing for clarity.

  • Giving your full attention — Actively focus on what the speaker is saying, paying attention at all times and ignoring distractions.
  • Waiting your turn — Don’t interrupt unless it’s necessary. Let the speaker finish her message before you have your say.