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Developing a Talent Management Plan

Talent management plan components

Once you’ve determined your talent needs, you’re ready to start planning. A good talent management plan should be like a map, showing how you’ll attract people to the organization and how you’ll develop their talents in line with the organization’s objectives.

Every plan will differ depending on the needs of the organization. A plan may be concerned with recruiting, developing, or retaining talent, or a combination of the three. However, each plan should involve three components — a focus, objectives, and actions to meet those objectives.

Focus — The focus aims to put all the elements into context — the cause of the talent management problem, the direction the plan will go in, and which people will be targeted by it.

Objectives — The objectives are the aims of the plan — they address the problems identified through analysis and in the focus. These should be aligned to the organization’s strategies and communicated to all employees.

Actions — The actions are the steps you outline for achieving the objectives you’ve set, given the focus you’ve identified.


The focus of a talent management plan establishes the foundation on which the other plan components can be built. To determine an appropriate focus, you should identify the organization’s problems and priorities, determine the human component that the plan will target, and gather further information. Talent management involves helping employees excel in line with company goals, so the focus of the plan should be on how this can be achieved.

To establish an appropriate focus, you should also review your organization’s priorities. This will help you identify the talent needed to back up the organization’s key strategies.