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Group Brainstorming

Group brainstorming is a great way to generate alternative ideas as part of the problem-solving process — especially for complex problems. It creates a free and open environment that encourages everyone’s input. Participants have the opportunity to bring their diverse experiences and knowledge and creativity to the problem at hand.

What is group brainstorming?

So, how does group brainstorming work? Well, for it to work properly, it shouldn’t feel like hard work. It needs to be a lively and interactive experience to stir the creative juices.

First, your group needs to agree on their definition of the problem and the desired outcome. Then they can get to work generating creative ideas. Once the ideas are listed, some might need clarification and the list will have to be organized. Then comes the process of narrowing down the list to the real alternatives, by prioritizing some ideas and eliminating others. Finally, you can grab the best ideas and build on them as a group.

I recently facilitated a brainstorming session to step a group of people through the process of selecting members of a focus group. The focus group was being formed in support of writing the company’s value statement.