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Using Your Anger Positively

Can anger be a positive force? In many ways, anger is energy and you can harness it so that it becomes a force for positive — or negative — change.

Anger is a very natural human response. It might feel as if it’s uncontrollable or indistinct, but you can take control of it. Throughout history, anger has driven progress.

Acknowledging your anger

It all starts with four approaches. The first is acknowledging your anger. People often label their anger as something other than what it is, but in doing so, the opportunity to reap the potential benefits of using anger in a positive way is lost.

Whenever you express anger in the workplace, stay respectful, focus on what made you angry, not who, and take advantage of the energy that anger provides.

When you’re angry, the instant hike in adrenaline can make you feel empowered, confident, and competent. This will be especially helpful if you’re uncomfortable admitting or expressing your anger.

Of course it’s important to be careful, negative energy can also encourage reckless or destructive behavior.