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Management’s Role in Onboarding

What are the benefits of onboarding for managers? Why should they care? Managers are a link between the employees and the organization, ensuring that employees contribute to organizational goals.

They provide direction for the onboarding process, identifying key objectives the process should achieve. As a result, there are great benefits for managers.

Benefits for Managers

Improved employee performance

The first benefit — improved employee performance — is a result of some key activities involved in the onboarding process. For example, the ongoing contact between employees and managers means that performance expectations are clearly communicated and understood.

Employees are also given regular feedback during the process so that they understand where they are meeting expectations and areas they need to improve in. This helps managers assess the strengths and weaknesses of new employees and indicates where they can help them the most.

Employees are engaged with their jobs

A second benefit of onboarding for managers is that it helps ensure that employees are engaged with their jobs. Highly engaged employees have a huge impact on key organizational metrics.

Organizational growth, productivity, innovation, and, most importantly, profitability are all affected by how engaged a company’s employees are in what they’re doing.