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The Components of Talent Management

Ownership of talent management

Having talent means being able to do something exceptionally well. But talent isn’t enough on its own. It requires the opportunity to practice and hone your skills, in an environment that enables you to do this. So managing talent is about giving people the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their talents, as well as directing and guiding these skills.

You should consider how the talent management process will be governed in an organization — in other words, who will be accountable for it. You might give ownership to the Human Resources Department but this could result in limited buy-in from other parts of the organization, as those departments might assume it’s something HR does in isolation.

A more effective approach could be for HR to put a process in place, making sure it’s consistent and fair. This process would have to be supported from the top of the organization and implemented by managers throughout the organization.

For an effective talent management process, there needs to be buy-in from the board down.