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Principles of Time-Effectiveness

Creating an Efficient Physical Environment

There is a direct relationship between the physical organization of your office and your productivity. If you do not make the most of your workspace, you will not get the most out of your time.

The size of your office, and the level of luxury in its furnishings, does not correlate directly, or inevitably, on your performance. So what does?

Three elements of physical organization

The three elements of the physical organization of your work space that have a positive or negative impact on your use of time are

  • tidiness,
  • comfort, and
  • structure.


Only have the files and papers that you’re actually using on your desktop. The only objects on your desk permanently should be work-related objects that you really need to have there.

It is easy to accumulate clutter on your desk and to find excuses to allow it to continue. But if papers are left strewn around, it is likely that you will expend unnecessary time locating them when you actually need them. Plus, clutter conveys an unfortunate impression of mental disorganization to co-workers.