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Is Telecommuting Right for You?

Productive telecommuting

With the strenuous demands of modern living, many people dream of more flexibility in their jobs — the kind that allows them to take care of their various responsibilities while still working and earning a paycheck.

With technological advances, companies are becoming increasingly open to flexible work arrangements.

In fact, many employees now work from home or other remote locations instead of performing all their work duties at the office. They stay in contact with managers and colleagues via e-mail, telephone, videoconferencing, or other technology.

This arrangement is known as telecommuting.

Telecommuting enables an employee to work some or even all days at home, making it possible to spend minimal time in the office.

But working from home doesn’t mean an employee can kick back and relax. To remain valuable to their companies, telecommuters must be productive.

The first step in being a productive telecommuter is to recognize whether telecommuting is right for you.

When making this decision, it’s important to determine how well you’ll be able to meet your company’s general expectations as a telecommuter. Aspects you should consider relate to professionalism, the environment you’ll work in, and how you’ll draw boundaries between work and personal time. You should also consider the need for communication and flexibility, and for keeping your company updated with your contact information.


Telecommuters should maintain professionalism. This means complying with all the terms of the telecommuting arrangement, including agreed quality standards for work. Telecommuters must also abide by company policies. For example, these might require that work documents be kept confidential.