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Finishing Meetings on Time

There are several things you can do to make sure that you accomplish the goals of a meeting within the scheduled time. They are:

  • begin the meeting on time,
  • stick to the agenda,
  • pick up the pace when necessary, and
  • provide breaks for the participants.

Begin the meeting on time

If some of the participants are late, start without them. Eventually, people will learn to arrive at meetings on time when you are the leader.

Schedule activities or non-vital discussions to take place during the first few minutes of your meetings. That way, latecomers won’t miss important information.

Stick to the agenda

An agenda is an ordered list of activities that will take place and issues that will be discussed during a meeting. Keep the purpose of the meeting clear in participants’ minds, so they will not waste time by wandering from the point.

For example, if a discussion begins to stray, you could say something like, “We were discussing point number five on the agenda, so let’s get back to that point.”


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