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Tools for e-Mentoring

Overcoming the Challenges of e-Mentoring

You’ll face some challenges when establishing e-Mentoring programs and relationships. Some ways to overcome those challenges include:

  • setting clear goals for e-Mentoring,
  • learning how to use e-Mentoring tools appropriately, and
  • providing face-to-face meetings.

Setting clear goals for e-Mentoring

Without a clear direction, the partners may have unrealistic expectations of the relationship, such as guaranteed promotions. A company should let participants know the single reason for the program up front.

Then e-Mentoring partners can establish individualized goals within the company’s goals. For example, the goal of your company’s e-Mentoring program might be to teach staff how to handle corporate accounts.

Learning how to use e-Mentoring tools appropriately

A company should provide information or training on the etiquette of using the various tools available.

For example, you might teach a colleague the rules of e-mail and chats, often called “Netiquette.”

Providing face-to-face meetings

Although it isn’t always possible for e-Mentoring partners to get together in person, it is something participants should seriously consider. Nothing can compare with the connection made by speaking directly with your partner. The following are some considerations about face-to-face meetings: