Tools that Enable e-Mentoring

Years ago, you would have been forced to send your employees overseas to learn from mentors at the new head quarters. However, today you can use technology to establish e-Mentoring relationships thereby avoiding the disruption and expense of traveling abroad.

Employees who need to be trained in business operations overseas can receive their training via phone calls and faxes, e-mails and instant messaging, chats and posted discussions, teleconferences and videoconferences.

Phones and fax machines

Mentors and protégés can use both phones and fax machines as tools in their e-Mentoring relationships. Phone calls can confirm plans or help clarify facts. And partners can transmit paperwork to each other quickly by faxing.

The only disadvantage to phones and faxes is the potential for astronomically high long-distance bills. E-mail and instant messaging can be more cost-effective tools for e-Mentoring.

E-mail and instant messaging

An attractive alternative to phones and faxes is the Internet. Many companies pay for unlimited Internet access which makes e-mail and instant messaging very affordable. Another advantage to this method of e-Mentoring is the speed. A recipient can read an e-mail as soon as it downloads to his computer and respond instantly.

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