Empowering Feedback

Empowering Feedback
Empowering Feedback

One of the toughest challenges you may face as a manager is giving feedback to employees. It can be a stressful experience for both you and the employee. However, if you follow some simple guidelines, you can make feedback sessions useful and reduce stress for yourself and the employee.

Effective feedback

Experienced managers know that there are several important steps to providing feedback effectively. If feedback sessions go right, the employee will be focused on improvement rather than demoralized. He’ll have specific information about what’s going well and what he should do differently. Effective feedback is made up of five key elements:

  1. give both praise and suggestions for improvement,
  2. be specific, clear, and concise,
  3. deliver feedback immediately,
  4. focus on improvement, and
  5. invite your employee’s response.

As a manager, you are probably often called on to give feedback to team members. It’s critical to begin each feedback session by praising what the employee has done effectively, thereby reinforcing her accomplishments.

You should then make suggestions for improvement. Don’t present suggestions as criticisms but as ways to do better. You do this by being as specific as possible.

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