Motivating the Mentor

Motivating the Mentor
Motivating the Mentor

Being a mentor can boost your own career. You may have thought that mentoring benefits only proteges. But mentoring relationships can revitalize managers’ careers as well.

Sometimes walking someone down a path you traveled long ago reminds you of important lessons you learned once but have since forgotten. Mentoring revitalizes managers by:

  • improving their knowledge and skills,
  • rekindling their passion for their work,
  • helping them avoid burnout, and
  • providing ways to leave a legacy.

Improving knowledge and skills

When a mentor and protege work together, each is able to expand his knowledge base and improve his technical and leadership skills. You may learn a great deal from your protege’s fresh perspective, while your protege might learn about practical applications from you.

In this way, you can increase each other’s productivity. Proteges and managers forced to work separately because the mentor feels threatened by the younger employee’s potential, miss a chance to accomplish feats beneficial to both of them.


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