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Maintaining Your Mentoring Momentum

The mentoring relationship tends to be strong at the outset, but participant enthusiasm and commitment may diminish over time. Program coordinators can employ several strategies to keep a mentoring program from losing momentum before it has accomplished its goals.

To maintain momentum, skilled coordinators

  • design and hold an orientation/training session regularly,
  • contact participants,
  • collect progress reports,
  • facilitate group meetings, and
  • help resolve conflicts.

Orientation/training session

First, the coordinator officially launches the mentoring program at an orientation/training session. The half-day or day- long session is her chance to bring all the participants together and get them excited about the possibilities the program presents. It also gives her an opportunity to clarify each person’s role and responsibilities and create a common understanding about how the program will proceed.

The coordinator designs and facilitates the orientation/training session in a way that creates enthusiasm, understanding, and commitment. Since the session is so crucial to the program’s success, all participants should be required to attend.