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Developing Positive Work Habits as a Protégé

Have you ever wished that you could make all of your bad work habits disappear? In reality, the only way to change bad habits is to work to replace them with good habits. With the help of a good mentor, you can identify your bad habits and begin the process of making improvements.

Write important information

One positive habit you can develop to overcome your bad habits is to write down important information. Your mentor spends many hours teaching you how to improve at work. Try to carry a day planner or notebook with you to keep track of these critical details. When your mentor shows you a valuable Web site, for example, write it down.

Write down names when your mentor takes the time to introduce you to people. Take notes to help you remember something about each person. The notes may also help you learn the chain of command inside the organization.

You can also write down good ideas and important questions you want to ask your mentor.

Take notes as soon as you realize your mentor is giving you valuable resources. When she tells you a great place to find information, you will want to be able to use it without having to ask your mentor to repeat herself.