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Benefiting from Your Mentor’s Feedback

Have you ever wanted to know what your co-workers and supervisors thought of your last speech or project? Getting feedback is an important part of improving your work performance.

In a mentoring relationship, you can use your mentor’s feedback to learn how you are performing and what will help you improve.

To solicit feedback and incorporate it into your job you can: ask your mentor questions, listen to and follow your mentor’s advice, and learn from your mistakes.

Ask your mentor questions

The first strategy that can help you incorporate your mentor’s feedback into your job is to ask questions. When you listen to your mentor evaluate your performance, ask for specific details to generate feedback.

Don’t ask irrelevant or strictly yes-or-no questions such as, “Did you like my presentation?” Instead, ask open-ended questions such as, “How did the marketing director respond to my presentation?” Open-ended questions will provide you with the details you need to improve and advance in your career.