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What a Protégé Can Do to Ensure Mentoring Success

As the protégé, you are partly responsible for making a mentoring relationship work. You must know what you want to gain so your mentor can do his job.

You can help to ensure a successful mentoring relationship by choosing the right mentor, determining whether a mentor’s skills align with your needs, and setting clear expectations.

Choose the right mentor

The mentor you choose should know the organization and show an interest in your career growth.

To ensure a successful mentor-protégé relationship, pick someone who knows the demands of your position and understands what you want in the future. Any experienced mentor can do an adequate job guiding your training but you will gain more from a relationship with a mentor who understands what you do and knows where you want to go.

Another recommendation is that you choose a mentor who understands the structure of your organization. He will help train you in areas that can realistically lead to promotions. A mentor with organizational knowledge also keeps you up- to-date on where the company is heading and how you fit into its future.

Another important point is to select a mentor who is already a good manager or supervisor. Your mentor should be able to observe your work and tell you ways to perform better. He also needs to be experienced in giving effective feedback that will help you reach your career goals.


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