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The Advantages of Having a Mentor

Adjusting to computers or major software upgrades takes time, but it is necessary to keep a business on the cutting edge. A mentor can offer you an edge, much like computers do in the high-tech world of business. A good mentor has experience and is willing to help you find better opportunities in your career.

Specifically, a mentor can help you craft a professional development plan, chart an accelerated and targeted career path, and gain an increased understanding of the organization.

Creating your individualized professional development plan

The first advantage of having a mentor is that you will have help creating your individualized professional development plan. You describe your career goals to your mentor, and with her feedback, the two of you create a plan to accomplish your goals.

Your professional development plan will include the best types of training for you to keep focused on your goals. Your mentor should have the experience necessary to know which goals you can reach within a realistic time frame.

Although mentoring doesn’t provide any guarantees, a mentor can ultimately give you ideas about how to gain promotions, a better salary, and more satisfaction in your work.