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Avoiding Threats

To deal with a threat effectively, you must understand what type of threat it is and how severe it is. Once you understand the threat, you can select the most effective response. You could choose to avoid the threat, eliminate the cause of the threat, or adjust your plan so that the threat no longer applies.

Avoid the risk

If a threat has a high probability of occurring — and is likely to impact your activities negatively — your first reaction should be to try to avoid it. This approach works best when you’re fairly certain what the outcome of the threat will be. For this technique to work, you also need to be able to take whatever actions are required to stop the threat from occurring.

Imagine you’re developing a new product and there is a risk that the product won’t be successful and that your organization won’t recoup its development and production costs. You could avoid this risk by choosing not to develop any new products at all, and focusing instead on making improvements to your existing ones.