Conducting a Brainstorming Session

Conducting a Brainstorming Session
Conducting a Brainstorming Session

You successfully planned a brainstorming session to identify risks within your organization, but now that you’re conducting the session, what comes next?

Explain purpose

The first thing to do is remind participants of the purpose of the session. To do this, you could write the project name at the top of a whiteboard at the start of the session.

Establish rules

You also need to establish some ground rules. Some common general rules are to specify the time constraints, and explain that the goal is quantity, not quality. You want a great number of ideas to start, then you can filter out the risks that seem unlikely or trivial.

Avoiding criticism

Ask participants to avoid criticizing each other’s ideas. People can become defensive and shut down if they fear their ideas will be criticized or ridiculed. Also ensure the group knows not to be afraid of silence — it’s important to give everyone time to think about potential risks to your project.


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