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Using Reviews, Analysis, and the Delphi Technique

When choosing risk identification techniques, you must consider the setup of your organization and the kind of projects you work on.

Documentation review

A documentation review can be used for any project type. This involves a detailed analysis of project documents to determine any potential risks to project requirements.

It’s a good way to identify inconsistencies between proposed actions and best practices, and to uncover missing information that may point to hidden risk.

Say your project requires specific skills — you could check that employees have the training necessary to carry out their tasks. If employees don’t have the required skills, this will flag a potential risk to your project.

Your documentation review can also incorporate an assumption analysis. Projects are usually based on a set of assumptions, such as using the right hardware or the project budget being calculated correctly.

Get your team to document all of the assumptions being made during the project planning process. Then get them to identify any risks that may exist as a result of each assumption being based on inaccurate or incomplete data.