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Considering Internal Factors

In your quest for the bigger picture, examine the internal context of your organization — in particular, your organization’s internal direction and stakeholders.

Vision and strategic direction

A key element of strategic thinking is aligning what you do with your organization’s vision and strategic direction. If each part of an organization moves in the same direction — your internal direction — that vision is much more likely to become a reality.

Maybe your organization’s vision includes achieving efficient and eco-friendly production. To support this, you might consider reducing your department’s use of materials and focus on implementing processes that minimize waste harmful to the environment. Now your department aligns with the company’s vision.

Align your goals

That was a quick answer to a complex problem, so let’s examine a process you can follow to align your department’s goals with your organization’s strategic plans.

First, find out what your organization’s strategic plans are. Review planning documentation, read company reports or track your organization’s investments to discover what direction it’s heading in.

Next, if you really want to get a deeper understanding of your organization’s vision, talk with other people. A conversation with other managers or supervisors will give you an insight into what they’re doing to achieve strategic goals and help you figure out what else your department could be doing.