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Analyzing Your Strengths as a Technical Professional

Knowing your strengths

As a technical professional, you have specific strengths that have helped you succeed. You probably also have some weaknesses that have hindered your work.

As you move into a management role, it’s important to assess your strengths and weaknesses so that you can consider how they’ll affect your performance as a manager.

Assessing your strengths and weaknesses can have two main benefits:

  • it will help you capitalize on your strengths and compensate for weaknesses as you develop a strategy for making your transition into management a success, and
  • it will reduce some of the stress associated with this transition.

Qualities of technical professionals

Technical professionals — such as IT specialists, engineers, technicians, scientists, and knowledge workers — generally share certain qualities and a particular approach to work.

Some of the qualities that successful technical professionals share may be inherent to their personalities.

For example, they tend to be practical, objective, and logical by nature — and this helped lead them into the professions they chose.

In addition, technical professionals have learned certain qualities that enable them to be effective in technical roles. They’ve developed and nurtured these qualities through their education, experience, and training.

Four particular qualities typically contribute to the effectiveness of a technical professional — being precise, task-oriented, adaptable, and self-reliant.