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Transition to Management

Preparing for a management role

The transition from technical professional to manager involves a career change — and this can be disruptive and challenging. Your focus shifts from the factual world of systems and processes to one of budgets, people, and politics. Even if you’re highly skilled in your field, you’ll need different skills to be a good manager — so preparation is essential.

To prepare for your move into management, you should consider taking these four steps:

  • educate yourself about how your company works and what it takes to be a good manager,
  • examine and align yourself with your company’s mission and culture,
  • think about what your approach to the role will be, and
  • plan the expectations you’ll have as a manager in advance.

Educating yourself

Your first step is to educate yourself about the way your company works and how you’re expected to do your job. It’s a good idea to review your company’s policies, to ask your current manager for advice or any reference material you may need, and to attend managerial training.

Review company’s policies

Although you won’t be expected to have all the answers on your first day, you should refresh your knowledge of company procedures and policies so you know what rules you’re expected to enforce. Your company’s employee handbook is a useful place to start.

For example, you need to brush up on hiring regulations, and vacation and overtime policies. You should also know how often performance reviews must be conducted.

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