Tips to Better Cope with Stress

Tips to Better Cope with Stress
Tips to Better Cope with Stress

Why do people suffer from burnout in the workplace? There may several causes, but it’s usually to do with how they manage stress. The good news is that because of the close connection between stress and burnout, you can easily avoid burnout by applying a few effective stress management strategies.

One of the biggest stressors in the workplace is dealing with difficult people — those colleagues who are overly-critical, try to undermine you, or who just don’t get their work done. To handle these difficult people, be assertive, and don’t react with anger or criticism. Most people will respond in kind or internalize the negativity, damaging your relationship. Instead, remain constructive.

Remain constructive, no matter what

Listen carefully to find out why the individual is angry, critical, or both. Whatever the reason, listening without reacting emotionally is more likely to help you resolve the issue.

You should also remain factual. Describe the problem or events objectively — this will also help keep emotions out.

As the saying goes “A healthy mind in a healthy body” — and so you’ll find that developing healthy habits is a valuable strategy in reducing stress. Key to this is exercising regularly — this improves self-esteem and helps you relax by reducing cortisol — the stress hormone — and by increasing endorphins — the pleasure hormone.

Getting enough sleep helps your body and mind recover from the daily demands you face. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep to help you combat the effects of stress.

Another healthy habit is eating properly. By eating nutritious food and avoiding junk food, your mind and your body will feel healthy and replenished.


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