Make Changes to Simplify Your Life

Make Changes to Simplify Your Life
Retro style faded image of a man drawing a seesaw with the words Make it Simple - Complicated in imbalance weighted in favor of making things simple.

Decluttering is an easy and quick first action

Simplifying can be a jarring experience if you’re considering giving up things you love. Starting small can help you ease in to making bigger changes. There are some actions you can take when the prospect of change is daunting.

Decluttering is an easy and quick first action. Clutter can really hold you back. When you declutter, you reduce the number of things that make claims on you physically and psychologically. Carrying old files around is sometimes a way to live in the past. Archive them to free yourself to move into the future. And don’t forget: too many objects at home can be as oppressive as a cluttered desk at work.

Unburden yourself

Another action is to unburden yourself by delegating some tasks. Delegating reduces stress and releases time for more important tasks. Maybe you don’t have time to prepare those weekly status reports required by your boss. By delegating this work, you could gain valuable time in your work week.

Many people tighten up at the prospect of delegating, but if you identify the appropriate tasks and choose the right person to delegate to, you’ll likely be pleased with the result. Remember, don’t delegate tasks that only you can perform or tasks that you enjoy. Delegate the low-priority jobs that others can do. And just as you delegate at work, make it a habit to delegate at home.

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