The Benefits of Simplicity

John is a consultant for an oil company who travels and works constantly. John feels as though his life runs him, his possessions own him, and his family members don’t appreciate him. He’s also worried about his health. He’s been getting signals from his body that he needs to slow down.

Many people feel exhausted and trapped by their jobs, their possessions, and the expectations of their loved ones. Their lives are out of balance. Sound familiar? If you feel this way now, then it’s time to take action!

For your life to be in balance, you have to run it, not let it run you. In the words of Thoreau, a great philosopher, “Simplify, simplify.”
Simplifying enables you to gain control by reducing the claims on you, and putting you in the driver’s seat.

Discover what really brings you joy

Cutting back is also important in helping you to avoid stress-related illness. Sure, stress is a part of life, but too much of it can make you ill.
Simplifying enables you to make better use of time. Doing too much and having too much can obscure your view of what makes you happy. Reducing the number of demands on you can help restore that valuable perspective.

Cutting back on the demands on you is also a good way to discover what really brings you joy. Work can be all-consuming. Simplifying releases time you can use for things you truly enjoy.