Reframing Expectations

Many situations in life cause negative feelings, and these feelings can have profound effects on your decisions and emotions. It can be depressing to admit that you’re powerless to change a situation without suffering dire consequences. Complaining is one way to relieve stress, but focusing on the negative aspects of your situation can make you even more depressed.

One way to think about difficult situations is with reframing. Reframing is a strategy for gaining a new perspective on a part of your life that you’re unhappy with and can’t change without suffering serious consequences. Before making any potential major life change, you should always reframe. To reframe your situation, you step outside of your usual frame of reference and try to view your situation from a new perspective.

Often, you can shed the emotion, stress, or pressure and view the situation with “new eyes.” You can discover the positives of your current situation, and you may even find the underlying causes for your dissatisfaction.

If you have a cynical turn of mind, you may view reframing as a form of denial. But it isn’t that at all. Denial is a refusal to admit the truth of a bad situation. People who are in denial stick their heads in the sand and pretend the negatives don’t exist.

With reframing, however, you admit you’re in a difficult spot, but you do your best to view the positives. Reframing is a coping strategy. It helps you live with a difficult situation without falling victim to it.


By successdotinc

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