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Balancing Your Work Life and Private Life

Identifying demands at work and at home

People often become consumed with professional activities — making the presentation, finishing the programming, and preparing for the meeting. They get so involved with the everyday demands of their professions that their personal lives suffer. Many of these people start to think they need to balance their work responsibilities with the demands of their private lives.

Luckily, there’s a simple technique to help you balance the demands of the various aspects of your life. The technique has three tasks:

identify your current responsibilities by listing and analyzing the demands made on you both at work and at home — Before you can achieve a healthy balance, you need to list all the demands from your family, home, and social life, as well as all the work responsibilities you have to carry out. Identify all your roles, the demands of those roles, and the time you need to meet those demands. Remember to factor in some time for yourself!

  • compare the work and home demands to find out if any are incompatible — After the two areas of demands in your life are written out, you can analyze your current roles to figure out if they work together or not. Figure out which of the work demands are compatible and incompatible with the home demands. Of course, part of examining incompatibilities is to add up all the time estimates and decide if the whole list can actually fit into the time you have available.
  • find solutions to prioritize demands and resolve any conflicts — If you feel your life getting out of balance, take some time to consider what’s most important to you. Unimportant tasks often get done simply because they’re right in front of you, demanding your time and attention. Prioritizing the demands on your time will help you recognize what’s truly important to you and what’s just sucking away your time, energy, and attention. Having priorities helps you set clear personal and professional goals and streamline your life to include only what is important in helping you reach those goals.