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Positive Effects of Conflict

Benefits of dealing with conflict

The truth is that conflict, even though commonly perceived in a negative light, can be constructive, particularly when it’s managed effectively. For example, conflict challenges complacency and so it can enhance the performance of individuals, improve the cohesiveness of groups, and facilitate organizational change.

And dealing with conflict effectively can benefit you in several ways:

  • it gives you a better understanding of how to achieve your goals — Discussions required to resolve the conflict serve to widen individuals’ perceptions. You gain valuable insight into how you can achieve your own goals while still ensuring that you don’t undermine those of the people you work with.
  • it helps to build better relationships with those you work with — If conflict is dealt with appropriately, mutual respect between individuals develops and this makes it easier for them to work together.
  • it gives you clearer focus of what is most important — Dealing with conflict forces you to assess your goals in detail and this helps you determine what is most important to you. Also, becoming more focused helps you recognize potential weaknesses and inconsistencies in your views and you may become more challenged to act and think in a different manner.