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Common Ethical Problems

Ethical implications

People often find themselves in situations where they have to decide between right and wrong. Even if you have a personal code of conduct built on the four foundational values — honesty, respect, fairness, and responsibility — ethical choices are rarely black and white.

Consider a time in your personal or professional life when you were faced with deciding between two options that were neither wholly right nor wholly wrong. Whatever the issue was, you needed to think through the ethical implications.

Ethical implications arise when ethical decisions have the potential to impact the well-being of you or others.

When the morality of a situation isn’t obvious, being able to recognize the ethical implications will allow you to apply your code of conduct to the situation more effectively.

Violations of fairness

Ethical implications involving fairness typically feature conflicts of interest that affect a person’s impartiality. Fairness also comes into play when considering the use of inside information to give a person an advantage over others. To remain fair, you should identify the relationships that may disturb your objectivity, and take the appropriate measures to ensure your neutrality.